Þe kny3t kachez his caple, and com to þe lawe,
Li3tez doun luflyly, and at a lynde tachez
Þe rayne and his riche with a ro3e braunche.
Þenne he bo3ez to þe ber3e, aboute hit he walkez,
Debatande with hymself quat hit be my3t.
Hit hade a hole on þe ende and on ayþer syde,
And ouergrowen with gresse in glodes aywhere,
And al watz hol3 inwith, nobot an olde caue,
Or a creuisse of an olde cragge, he couþe hit no3t deme
          With spelle.
          'We! Lorde,' quoþ þe gentyle kny3t,
          'Wheþer þis be þe grene chapelle?
          Here my3t aboute mydny3t
          Þe dele his matynnes telle!'